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We are so excited that registration is now open for the into the unknown gathering in Troon Scotland 25th-27th August 2016.   It is our privilege  to welcome back Ian Clayton 51b230_9b9c303b81344ae9903647331cca98cdwho has been used by the Lord as a catalyst for a mega shift that’s happening globally in the body of Christ.  No one will ever forget the sense of awe we all felt a few years ago in Troon when a scroll was released from heaven  for Scotland based on psalm 45.  Heaven spoke and earth responded.

last year God highlighted Isaiah 60 through Ian.  It truly was a powerful time of engaging heaven as the Lord revealed more of His blueprint for us as a nation and indeed the nations of the earth.  we have never been in such days as these, It really is our time to arise and shine.

Who knows what this years gathering will bring but we do know Heaven is all over it and God is doing something that creation is eagerly waiting for and has been for a long time.    We don’t like calling this a conference really because its more of a gathering of those who want to engage in the courts and councils of God to see what the Fathers will is and then align with that!  True Government is about participating in the words of the Lords prayer, ‘Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven’!


51b230_3e314eb74f5a4109bdc5ca2dce21efa9It is also my great privilege to welcome Grant Mahoney to this years ‘gathering’.  I have known Grant for only a short time but i can honestly say He has impacted my life hugely by his humility, love and friendship.  Grant really has great authority in the courts of heaven and is a Seer of Seers.  Without any hype i can say that Grant has true Apostolic authority and carries it with a fathers heart that oozes with the Love of THE  Father.

Im personally looking forward to seeing what will be released as Ian And Grant function together.

Go to the top of the scotlandablaze home page (just beneath the into the unkown flyer) to  see registration instructions and details.   Thank you


Stephen Mckie





Posted March 3, 2016 by stephenmckie in revival

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