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Sharon Stone Prophecy to Scotland 2014-2016


“For Scotland, the Lord says,

“In 2013 you were pregnant with purpose. 2014 though, you’re going to give birth to twins and there’s going to be a double-anointing released upon Scotland.

Sharon_Casual_-_photo“The first ways you’re going to se it is it’s going to be the Father’s Heart and the second is Justice.

“You have started a quantum momentum for the rest of the UK and Europe for you are no longer at a crossroads but you have crossed over. As with the Israelites when they crossed over from the desert to the Promised Land everything changed. A warrior mentality had to be restored, prophetic activity released…

“Now I used to live right underneath Scotland and the things that the Lord is speaking to me now about the nations He just wasn’t talking about before, and so I’m very excited about this! (emphasis RB). The Lord is saying,

“Prophetic activity released is this: the asset of Scotland is its families. No longer a fatherless nation but a refuge for families. Scotland you are not a mother nation like England but a father nation who fights for what is just. So prophetic warfare, praise and intercession will shift your land and help align England and other nations as well.

“Eventually, you will declare new freedoms. Freedom to see in a new way, freedom to govern yourself financially in a new way…

“And the Lord speaks to Scotland AND Wales and says,

“I will not let the complacency of England hold you back any longer. The hunger and the violence to take My Kingdom by force will be released within you.”

“Now before England gets upset there, you know that complacency means there is a relaxed wait and see position that you take, rather than a forcefully advancing Kingdom position – that’s the difference there…

“A friend of mine Chuck Pierce said this,

“Wales and Scotland you will be thorns in England’s side”.

“England, you’re going to get prodded, you’re going to get irritated, from your borders. That’s what’s going to happen at this time. And remember that God’s not speaking to us as one because we’re in different time zones spiritually – but we are a catalyst and a complement to one another.

“So, Wales and Scotland is going to assist England to spiritual hunger – repeat after me, ‘Hunger not jealousy’ – hunger for the Kingdom and God Himself. So before I go onto England itself, let’s pray over Scotland…”

<Those words are prayed and declared over delegates from Scotland.>

ENGLAND – is covered in Part 2, which goes on to refer to a clash of kingdoms and a spiritual centre in Part 3 (which includes link to record of angelic visitation).

To summarise thus far, Sharon prophesied that:

  • Ireland is a revival spear thrown from the heart of Ireland into the United Kingdom.
  • Wales is positioned now for an outpouring Visitation. [See also Note 2]
  • Scotland is the first nation in Europe to ‘cross over’. [See also Note 3]



(Isabel McKie)

I had a Dream 10 Feb 2009 I saw a big wall and behind that wall people were sitting enjoying the scenery of the sea. tsunamiIn front of them they were sitting in a place when the tide rolled in. It usually covered the area where they sat and they were all aware of the time the tide usually came back in.  They had predicted they were safe for a few hours because they thought they all knew the sea rolled in and out each day at a precise time.

But as they sat there I saw a great wave come in towards them it was a huge powerful wave. The first wave caught them by surprise and while they were in shock, the second wave came in and they scattered as they were showered and engulfed in the wave.  God challenged their mindset and their comfort zone! They thought they knew when the tide would come back in. However, the tide came rolling in at an unpredictable time, when they least expected it! There is hidden unpredictable mysteries to be released in the heavens, and His glory will fill all the earth. The scripture says, I did not tell you of them, lest you would boast.  Even as I saw these people sitting on dry land, they wave caused a lot of awe and amazement and movement, and the dry land was covered over by the water.


I believe in these last days when the great wave of God’s Spirit comes there will be a greater movement than ever before and the dried up churches will spring up into life.  The dry land will be watered by the great tsunami that God has in mind to bring in, washing away all our concepts.  What a God of mystery we have, unpredictable, even the wind and the sea obey Him, and bow at His command! God help us to live in great expectation, for our God is an awesome God with secrets on His mind, and He is revealing them in these last days to His people!


These people who sat on the shorelines were so certain of their safety for a set time. They were so sure the tide would roll in at it’s usual time. Spiritually we are the same but God has other ideas. His Holy Spirit will be poured out at His command, and our son’s and daughters will be pulled in by the power of the flood, which is going to flood the land, and pull them into the safety of Himself when we least expect it. He is the God of the unusual and He holds the key to mysteries!









 As I woke up last Saturday I felt bubbles of inexplicable joy rising up in me, like I had felt when I first was saved. I felt I was standing on a beach waiting for a wave to come in. I could not predict when it would come and even had moments of doubt that another wave would come but then, there it was! A huge massive wave, powerful, exciting, refreshing! And I want to tell the Church to make sure its waiting and in place for the wave! Don’t miss it! Don’t stand back and disapprove! Get in, I promise its coming! And with it will be signs and miracles but most importantly salvation for many! And I realise this wave is revival! We can’t do it without Gods power! Like my wee boy had revelation this morning at Sunday school – We are like A Game-boy DS but God is the charger! Without His power we have NOTHING!





Fire Over Scotland-Chad Taylor

 I see a great fire, a pillar of fire over Scotland. Like a whirlwind it is forming. Over the heads of the youth this fire is burning. Over the heads of this generation. Burning, burning, burning this fire is. Like a forest fire it is burning. And from the tiny villages it can be seen. From the far away hills it can be seen. Old men stand and wonder, mothers leap for joy. The prodigal has come home and the fire leaps from girl and boy!

Governments are changing, leaders are being raised up. A righteous vanguard that will fight for truth and justice. Hid in their heart is a seed of revival. Hidden in their heart is an incorruptible seed. They will remember the ancient paths, they will remember the ancient covenants of generations past. They will be the repairer of the breach.

Yes! I fire is leaping from every boy and girl! A fire of awakening and reformation! Not one fought with sticks and swords, but one fought with righteousness and truth. I see a great revival in the university. In the places of study and learning. I see students of revival emerging from her halls dressed for battle and glory. Wielding weapons not made with mere hands.

I see their heads bowed in school classrooms. Praying to the Lord God Almighty. I see them in the playgrounds, I see them on the streets. Praying, interceding. A great revival of prayer is coming to Scotland! A great move of prayer sweeping up whole regions and cities. Young and old joining together in a great chain of prayer. The wall between generations is crumbling!

I see two old friends reunited. I see two old rivals standing together again. On one is written Scotland, on the other is written Ireland. They are embracing, they are lifting up the sword of righteousness together as one. Like Jonathan and David they are sharing armor and weapons. Fighting for the cause of Christ. Wrestling not with flesh and blood.

I see a great bridge of revival being built. Spanning seas and impacting nations. From Scotland to England, from England to Africa this great bridge is being built. From Scotland to Ireland, from Ireland to America, this great bridge is rising. Partnering with one another, joining forces to see Christ in His full stature. Families reunited, brothers together again. Children walking the soil of their forefathers and breaking curses of long ago. A time of great possessing is upon us. A time of great revival. For the children of Scotland a great light has dawned.




 Check this out, this was a vision my friend Lorna had when emergewales came to Troon.   

I saw a white horse,but not like any other horse i could was very large and muscular. all i could see was the side view of it from just in front of the saddle back. I saw the riders left leg and i noticed writing on the thigh of the rider and “knew” it was Jesus.I was overwhelmed at this as i could feel the anticipation of the horse and could see the muscles on its hind leg twitch and hear it pawing at the ground just waiting for the command to gallop!!

From where i was standing i could hear sounds of people preparing themselves,getting into their position in the ranks of what i was now sensing to be an army.


 I saw the horse with Jesus move up and down the front line watching and waiting whilst the army got prepared… when i looked again i was expecting to see a large army in armour carrying swords etc but what i saw was a vast army of individuals who were no longer in human form but were FIRE!!!

This fire stretched way beyond the horizon and as far back as i could see… the sense i had was that the Commander Jesus would give the shout and we would sweep through the land burning everything in our path!! it was an all consuming (wild fire)but the leader was JESUS Himself and He would be the one we followed…No other!!!



Jean Darnall Vision Of Revival In Great Britain

The British Isles were covered in mist (a green haze), and Jean Darnell saw lots of pinpoints of light piercing through. As she looked, they turned out to be fires breaking out all over the nation, from Scotland in the North, to Fort William wildfireLands End in the South.
 As these God-lit fires were joined together they burned brighter. As she continued to pray, she saw lightning and explosions of fire and then rivers of fire flowing from North to South; from Scotland, Ireland, and Wales into England and some of the streams of fires crossed the channel into Europe, whilst others stopped.

 These fires were pockets of people who had been made intensely hungry for the word of God and for New Testament Christianity, those who read the book of Acts and wondered ‘where is this church?’
 These people would come together to pray and extra meetings would have to be laid on to accommodate all the people. Groups would be formed, prayer groups, Bible study groups – some would meet in churches, others would be in homes: some converted, others unconverted who were searching and seeking.


 Two Moves Of God

Jean Darnall asked the Lord about the vision and had the distinct impression that there would be two moves of God.
1. Renewal In The Church.
The first would be the renewal of Christian faith and fullness of the Holy Spirit within the church.
 2. National Awakening And World Vision.
This renewal of life in the church would spread outside resulting in a public awakening. The second part of the vision was the lightning striking around the nation. This move of God would be a national spiritual awakening, which would move into every level of the nation’s life; on the campuses, universities, colleges, schools etc., into the media and in the government.
There would be so many conversions that it would actually change the character of the nation of Britain and determine the future move of God in Europe. Jean continued that there would not be a part of the nation’s life that will not feel the impact of the spiritual awakening when God releases it to the country.
The Lord told Jean Darnall that He would also raise up highly anointed preachers who would move in signs and wonders. These people would be a gift to Britain.









 Justin  Abraham 2008   
Hey there! We’ve just been to Troon Scotland for the second time. The guys in Troon have been praying and pressing in for God to come this last year and it’s opened up the ground. We honour Stephen and Andrew and the others for daring to believe. Despite religious opposition those who are crossing over and embracing this new day of glory and visitation are coming into a fresh breakthrough. The fire of God came strongly in the meetings and many hours were spent praying for personal and nationwide fire in the glory. I personally received a special impartation of hunger from the Lord and faith for what is to come. He was moving and it was catching. Times like this are precious.
In the meetings we took a photo and a glory mist appeared on the picture. We also took photos and saw many unusual heavenly lights. We take photos everywhere we go so we know these photos are not normal. You could feel the angels and some of the young people were being pulled around for hours. Whenever we see this there is always good fruit later on. Many were blasted in the meetings. For me the fire of God is so essential. We must have the flame. I could see visions of multitudes gatherings, miracles on the streets, angels appearing, news reports. For some that sounds foolish. For me it is a reality that is being birthed by those who dare to believe. It’s such an amazing time if we position ourselves. Yes there are challenges and difficulties to press through, but the glory is so worth it. When we put the glory at the centre all else falls into place (by the glory I mean Jesus with us – His manifest Holy Ghost presence). 
The signs are pointing to this being an extraordinary time to be alive. Last year the word was given that we had crossed over since it was 40 years download (5)since the establishment of Jerusalem under Jewish hands. Many prophets saw this coming and signs were revealed in the heavens. NASA recorded some very unusual phenomena   such as a the “King of Nebulas” as they called it appearing in the sky – the greatest nebula seen. Also they found a nebula spitting out tons of jewels, diamonds and the like from deep space. Even the stars are echoing the jewels the church is seeing manifest supernaturally. When Israel celebrated 40 years since Jerusalem was out of gentile hands it rained hard on the day and effected the celebrations – this was not normal. It was not the time for rain. Bob Jones said it was a sign of the “Reign (rain) of the King” coming. I shared this and many more stories in the “Return of the Glory” series I released.
The main thing is this – heaven is moving and we must move with Him. 2009 is a year which we are very excited about. Dave recently released an update about us finding God in 2009. This is a significant word. Although since 2005 something new has been birthed which is growing and spreading, we are also looking to see a greater glory and fire and union with God. Rick Joyner said a few years ago each year is adding and building on the next and this is proving to be right. There is no going back. We’ve stepped over the line and we’ve moving forward. Our encouragement to you today is rise! Don’t settle but press on


Quilts are Over the Kilts!

A Prophetic Word for Scotland
by John Mark Pool
May 5, 2007
The lord has covered your land with his authority and you have the keys, as the kilts are in the hands of those who carry the keys, god has given you, Scotland, the land of the never-dying desire to be my fire! Weild my sword of my word, and i will be in front of your battles.

I have chosen you for a special move!
Be ready to burn for god! Be ready to carry the fire of revival all the way to the coast of wales! You will soon hear their wails! It will be for my mercy! Get ready to see the fire of god’s heart brand you deep with his holy spirit to be his word to the world! You are carrying the mantle now! You carried once, you carried it twice this is the last of the those who choose thee thrice! Be the word of god to the land of lost from the mother to her son, to the land of the never setting sun, god is about to make Scotland a household word around the world!
Your cup is coming, your throne is my throne, and you now will have keys to the globe, yet make it me that you shall roam! I am is sending you to the hill. Nottingham is in your sights, keep them on their toes, and never return the plight! Love is your answer and this will wage war on the new lands of plenty that keep howling at your door! Just go all the way this time my plaid. I have placed you as my brave and ever-growing heart that came up the doors of revival as a little lad! The world awaits your obedience! Go all the way with me! Bring in the whole of Europe in your commonwealth of the kingdom for my name’s sake, says the lord!”




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  1. Really interesting blog thanks!

  2. My descendants are from Scotland. The Lord has set me upon the “ancient path” for 20 years, teaching me about my Hebraic roots, breaking ancestral curses and now He is preparing me to return to Scotland for my King. I know I am to visit at least one site and I know many others will be revealed along the way. He has shown much regarding the USA over the years that are now being confirmed. Much is yet to come and many here will know to leave at an appointed time. I believe this leading is part of the awakening for Scotland and part of the restoration of Truth for the world to prepare for Yeshua’s return. I am currently in Louisiana and most of my close friends have Scottish roots and a love for the Word of the LORD!

  3. Hi Ida,

    This is very encouraging to hear I had a word from the Lord this morning.

    I will lift you to the heights of Zion,
    Strong you will be like the Judah lion,
    Precious silver refined so pure,
    No more! satan will lure.

    I really do believe the LORD’S return is very near and He is moving in Scotland I live near Glasgow a place called Stonehouse in South Lanarkshire. This place is being comsumed by alcohol and drug misuse remember us in your prayers thank-you.

  4. Sally-anne,
    I will pray. The Lord is connecting His people. He has shown me a group placed upon a mountain with waves crashing up but the instructions are to stand and watch and trust Him. He is teaching His people to know one another by the Spirit as there are many counterfeits out there. Those willing to stand still and listen and hear will know His voice, the “Voice of Many Waters”. That voice cannot be counterfeited! Thank you for your reply!

  5. Hi all I believe I have been given a vision from the Lord of an openair worship day with christian bands and modern speakers has anyone had the same vision I would greatly welcome any ideas and and help I live in Stonehouse South Lanarkshire Scotland. I would welcome all surrounding areas to get involved Praise God I leave it in Your Mighty Hands.


  6. Hello from Tennessee, USA. I realize the last blog on this page is from July of 2010, but hoping you still check this blog site. God showed me earlier this year that I am to go to Scotland. My roots are from Scotland. I’ve been searching since early 2012 on where to go
    and the timing on when to go. Can anyone share with me what is going on in Scotland?

  7. I live in Whitley Bay, born and raised in Arbroath. Today, I believe the Lord said “Look to the North, keep your eye on Scotland. The Lion roars, is roaring over Scotland now”.

  8. After 47 years in Africa, We feel God is turning and taking us back to our roots, and with the assurance that the time for his blessing anew has come. We believe the Lord has called us on, and so, in the latter part of our lives we look forward and with hope to being part of His plans for Scotland. let the Lion of Judah roar over Scotland. Amen!

  9. A number of years ago I heard in the middle of the night deep within the core of my body, “Scotland, Destiny. I have not known why I heard this. I recently started listening to Ian Clayton on his word of destiny for Scotland. I was so filled with a desire to know what the Lord has for me and understand. I loved reading the prophesy from various prophetic ministeries. Thank you, Christy Millikin Dunwoody

    Christy Dunwoody
  10. Good evening brothers and sisters of Scotland. I have been deeply encouraged as I have been reading the words spoken about Scotland, both here, and posted on Brother McKie’s site concerning a recent prophetic word from Chuck Pierce on Scotland’s destiny (2013 but posted 2016). On July 6, 1986 the Lord gave me an open vision of a map of Scotland. As I looked at the map, it began to burn with fire on the coasts and then the fire moved to the center of the country, to Stirling. Then the scene shifted, and I saw 7 men on their knees interceding for revival and renewal for the country. In 1990 the Lord brought our family to Inverness and later to Elgin where He enabled us to plant a church, now Elgin Community Church. We returned to the states in 1992 where we currently reside. We took two mission teams to Scotland in 2000 and 2002. When we went in 2002, Chuck Pierce had released a word over Scotland that was similar to the vision in 86, showing that God was going to bring fire on the coasts to the center of the country. My team went to Stirling, and we climbed the William Wallace memorial and blew the shofar 7 times in each direction, asking the Lord to bring the fires of His glory to the coasts all the way to Stirling, and to fulfill all the words spoken over this great Warrior nation. The Lord will bring to pass ALL that He is spoken as His people hear and obey His word.

    May God bless Scotland and move by His fires of glory to all the UK and the nations!

    Jym Hitte
    January 31, 2016

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