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Welcome to the ‘about us page.’  Scotland Ablaze isn’t just one person but a community of people running and believing together.  We have a heart to engage with the realities of heaven so that His will will be done on earth (as it is in heaven).

Stephen Mckie


CYMERA_20140313_153233Stephen Mckie lives in Ayrshire Scotland and is a man who was, and still is, greatly impacted by the legacy of the Welsh revival through the Welsh apostolic church.  He remains impacted by the tangible reality of the awesome presence of God he felt growing up in those gatherings and the power of the prophetic Spoken Words that he heard.

Stephen launched Scotland Ablaze around 2009 as a result of a dream and has held weekly gatherings in Saltcoats ever since where he and others have been learning to engage with the realities of heaven.  Stephen also has a promise from the Lord that at least 1 million people in Scotland will be saved as God pours out His Spirit through a glorious company of people (young and old) who learn to function as mature sons on the earth.

Stephen also works closely with Company of Burning Hearts in Wales and has traveled with them extensively preaching and imparting the joy and wildfire of God across the nations.

to learn more about our friends in Wales go to: http://www.companyofburninghearts.com

If you want to contact Stephen then email him at stephenmckie@hotmail.com

If you want to support and sow into Stephen then simply click on the donate button below.  You can also support monthly by ticking the box that says, ‘Make This Recurring (Monthly)’.




 Lorna McDougall


Lorna Lives in Ayrshire Scotland and was born again in 1984 during the Charismatic renewal.  She was also deeply impacted in 1995/96 by the Toronto outpouring.  At that time she had a powerful release of the Prophetic which has deepened and grown ever since.  Lorna is a Prophetic Seer and has played a vital role in the birthing and developing of Scotland Ablaze as a community. Lorna is also a writer, story teller, mum of 3 boys, Grandmother  and an amazing friend to all who know her.

If you want to hear Lorna then click on the PodOmatic logo below and have a listen to her Podcast called,’Taking the Hand of Beauty’.   This will really take you on an amazing journey!   Lorna doesn’t just tell stories but opens up a doorway to heavenly encounters.     She is one amazing woman.

Taking the Hand of Beauty - Lorna McDougall




Abi Mackriell


Abi Mackriell was born in St. Albans England before moving to Malawi when she was 8 years old with her parents who went as missionaries.  She returned to England to study at university and lived in Manchester for 5 years before moving to Glasgow in 2006.  Abi joined us at Scotland Ablaze in 2010 and has been such a huge and integral part of everything that has been happening amongst us as a community.  Abi is simply a unique woman who has learned to engage with the Government and Courts of heaven and also functions in incredible levels of wisdom.  She is a true Prophetic Seer and experiences the heavenly realms in the most profound ways.  But more than all of that, she is someone we can truly call our loyal and faithful friend.



Andrew & Isabel Mckie


Andrew and Isabel Mckie are the mama and papa of the community and have been part of Scotland Ablaze since its beginnings.  Andrew was born and saved in the little village of Sanquhar after hearing the testimony of a young girl (who later became his wife).  He began to faithfully attend the apostolic assembly after that.  His passion for Christ grew continually and Andrew became a passionate evangelist preaching in the villages the good news of the gospel.  Andrew later became an elder in the apostolic church in Saltcoats where he remained in leadership for many years.

Isobel Mckie was converted at the age of 10 and at the age of 15 had a profound and life changing experience when the Holy Spirit and angels came thundering into her room.  Since then Isobel has walked in high levels of the Prophetic and Seer realm.  She has many heavenly encounters and in her later years has become very much acquainted with the courts and government of heaven.  Andrew and Isobel Mckie are the backbone of the community and their faithfulness is an example to all.



Alan & Christine Mcknight


Alan & Christine Mcknight have been such an incredible support to Scotland Ablaze since its inception.  They are incredibly pastoral and always full of encouragement to all of us as a community.  If there ever was a Barnabas couple they are it.  Alan is a wise counselor and a very capable teacher while Christine is very much a worshiper and psalmist.  Christine has led us many a time into the throne room with her unique style of worship.   We at Scotland Ablaze feel very privileged to know and be on the same journey as Alan & Christine.


Posted February 4, 2009 by stephenmckie

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  1. Keep it going!
    Smith Wiggleswoth was a Mighty man of the Lord!!
    The only thing that matters in this life (yes we love our families and like what Gods given us) is our relationship with the Lord and being one of HIS!
    PS When I lived in Scotland for 4 years I saw so many ppl didnt even think about the Lord and a heaven and a Hell! But this is all over the world. Prasie be to the Lord Jesus that HE found us. I could Not imagine not going to Heaven!

  2. Merry Christmas, its great to see how your blog is growing, Smith Wigglesworth, an amazing man. Just like you. He was a small fiery man!



  3. Hello Stephen ma wee Scottish haighland fling man – you are a shining light and ball of fun radiating gods heart of love – love ya loads and hope to see you at Sloshie in a months time – I love the way God is bringing all the hungries together and we seem to gather in Wales – bless those Emerge Wales guys for hosting the Holy Ghost – come Lord – blessings on you Stephen x

  4. Hi Stevie, I just don;t know what took me so long but eventualy I hav emanaged to traverse into your web/blog thingy.I just so want to encourage you in what you are stepping into.The truth is …you have such a BIG HEART FOR JESUS that the ground swell of the Holy Spirit is going to impact areas, regions, even the nation through you.Don’t b edismayed in the seemngly obscure mmoments.Heaven is shifting earth on account of what you guys are doing.It is not a small thing in the eyes of The Lord. much honour, love and respect..westy aka Pete Lowe..lol lover of Jesus

    peter Lowe aka westside
  5. Hi Stephen
    Thanks for this website -I just found it today – its great to see your heart for revival
    I was just wondering if you had seen the prophecy from Steve Witt, Oct. 2007? Its in the blog section of Glasgow Prophetic Centre’s website (not under that date but under June and July 2010) He prophecied about the volcano in Iceland, earth tremors in Scotland (which actually happened) and an outpouring to follow. Mairi (Edinburgh)

  6. Great site! Appreciate the time and effort that you have put into it. Please keep it going.

  7. I have really enjoyed visiting your site from time to time. Recently I visited and found ian Clayton’s seminar. Still listening to the messages and enjoying the depth. Who was the person prophesying about the mantles like Columba? I have a particular interest as the Lord has had me studying his ministry and prophecies. I have much indication that my ancestors were part of Columba’s group or at least influenced by them. Eventually I will come to Scotland and fulfill the Lord’s plans for me there. I have friends, John and Rene who minister throughout the UK occassionally. I will send them your site in the event they have not made a connection with you. Blessings!! .

  8. Okay – so I am shaking in my boots here (or shoes!). A number of years ago when I joined a church in London, I started going to prayer meetings every week, which was quite new to me and God started speaking to me through pictures. I didn’t understand them at the time but they were quite vivid. They were about Scotland (I think we were praying for the nation). I had a clear picture of Scotland being flooded and almost devastated – peoples homes were being wiped out and there seemed to be nowhere to turn. And then I saw the people working together to rebuild their lives. To this day I can still see this. Now I live in South Africa and have learnt that this is how God speaks to me regularly. I felt this morning to Google prophetic words for Scotland when I came across your site. I only read a small portion when I felt overwhelmed to see the words about great waters coming. I knew they were in keeping with what I saw many years ago. I really wanted to share this with you.

  9. I love it! Thx for being steevi wonder! I believe that we not gonna died before we see the Heaven on earth with our own eyes, the revival in scotland and wales ll be so tangible then if we put our face into it we gonna burn! Go for it bro with your huge heart and an army of angels walking after you. This generation is about to died deeply into the love of god Yapiiiyummy! Xx

  10. Hello! I was peacefully reading my Bible, Psalm 71…Ahg! technology…so I clicked my droid looking for “It is not by might, nor by power but my spirit sayeth the Lord of hosts…” Zachariath 4:6 when your site just popped in. I live in New York, but I hail from Southern Patagonia where my ancestors settled from Wick, Caithness to raise sheep. Gee a long, long way…But the wee best part is that my gggrand father who’s buried in the Latheron Church Yard, was very well known for his “money” he could quote any passage of the Bible at will “such was his knowledge of the Bible that he could at once give book, chapter and verse of practically any scriptural quotation…” his obituary says. I always thought that I could return the favor by going back to Latheronwheel and re-open his church which was turned into a Museum and give testimony of the power and persistence of the promises of God. When God saves man, He takes the whole family, rather than an individual, as a unit.”Genesis 7:1 says, “And the Lord said unto Noah, Come thou and all thy house into the ark,” Beannachtaí Dé ort, Cheers!
    Victor Castleton
    Wantagh New York

  11. Thank you for sharing, and God bless you.

  12. Grace to you and Grace to Scotland! Grace to the Gods Glory filling the earth……… as IT IS HAPPENING IN SCOTLAND i see.

  13. Hi Stevie Just come across your page awesome just want to encourage you they are many all over the world raising up with a heart to see revival in their land. I am from Australia and we are seeing a change in the heart of the people God is moving. Scotland has a very special place in my heart my Grandfather was Scottish. I am visiting Scotland soon would love to join up with you guys. How.? Where are you near Edinburgh?
    Bless you and we will keep praying for Scotland. Luv Jewels for Jesus

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  15. we are stirred to pursue God, hungry for more, praying and pressing in by faith, seeking to know the Blueprint for our church, jobs, city and nation

    Steve and Judy Kilby
  16. We’ll see hearts aflame in Scotland and the natios again.. keep on

  17. Absolutely Dead Brilliant!

  18. God is so good ..

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