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New Podcast: Beyond the Torn Veil – Stephen Mckie   Leave a comment

veil ripped in 2When Jesus died on the cross the Veil of the temple was torn in two. The way was opened for all to go beyond the veil into the Holy of Hollies. Stephen teaches on the reality of this truth and how we can now, by faith, boldly access the throne of God! To know and experience this reality will change your life!

This teaching was given in N Ireland at a conference hosted by Eric & Mary Hogg and the music at the end is by Julian Wiggins-Heaven Waits.  To listen just click on the link

Beyond the Torn Veil – Stephen Mckie.


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The unicorn (Scotland) has already been released from her chains   Leave a comment

Scotland has just experienced the most incredible few weeks culminating  in the independence referendum! Many people were delighted at the vote to stay part of the United Kingdom yet others were deeply disappointed! Many of the yes unicorn-dimensions-unicorns-17788267-1024-768campaign, among my fellow christian friends, feel that Scotland, represented by the unicorn, is somehow still in chains and that we need to keep fighting politically until we are free! This simply isn’t the case.  Over a year ago a scroll for Scotland was released from heaven  in a gathering we held in Troon Scotland.  In this meeting the unicorn was powerfully released from her chains as we experienced one of the most powerful intercession times any of us had ever experienced! Many wept and cried as Scotland was released into a new era.  So in these days we must tune in to what heaven is saying because if we don’t we will be caught up with the spirit of the world and we will think we need to fight battles that God hasn’t called us to fight and we will miss what heaven is saying and doing! Please listen with an open heart and hear what God has already done in our nation! click on the link to listen

Scotlands Destiny Scroll (Ian Clayton 2014).

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Gods Marriage Contract with You – Ian Clayton   2 comments

In this podcast Ian Clayton teaches on the importance of having our

very own Marriage contract with the Lord.  Just as God entered into a marriage contract with the Jewish people so He desires to enter into this relational connection with us today.  We are His treasured possession and Gods ultimate desire is to have a body of people who walk in the ultimate expression of love – Marriage with the Lord Himself! We may know Gods side of the contract (covenant) but He is waiting on us to write down and present to Him what our side of the covenant will be and also what we desire from Him! Only when this happens can we walk in the fullness of the covenantal blessing that the Lord wants to release to those He dearly loves.  Click on the link below and enjoy!

Gods Marriage Contract with You – Ian Clayton.

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New free podcast – Ian Clayton – Beyond the Veil (Scotland 2013)   Leave a comment

In this podcast from the ‘Gods Government’ conference –
Scotland 2013, Ian teaches about the importance of living life from beyond the
veil! We the church, for too long, have been trying to impact the world from an
earthly position! However the truth is, we will only impact earth in a
significant way when we learn to rise up higher and go beyond the Veil. Beyond
the Veil is the high calling of this hour so listen and be challenged, can you
hear the call? click on the link and enjoy!!!

Ian Clayton - Beyond the Veil (Scotland 2013).

*Prophetic Insights for 2013 and Beyond   Leave a comment

Hey guys, this is a short video put together by my good friend Justin Abraham from There’s some good prophetic insights into 2013 and beyond. Have a wee look and be encouraged!!

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Prophetic Word for Ayrshire and Scotland   Leave a comment

Hey folks I was just sent this prophecy that was given in 2007.  It really witnesses with me.  A few months back I heard an inward audible voice saying, “If I come the nations will shake”!  On the same night that I heard God speak my mum had a dream, and in it the walls of our house shook.  These are days of awe and wonder. I believe we are going to start seeing the nations shaking (including Scotland) like we have never seen before.  This is not something to fear but something to rejoice in! When God visited the Hebrides in the 1940’s it stared with the old barn shaking where the elders of the church had gathered to seek God!! God is coming and he will make his name famous again in our land!!  Have a read at this!!!

This was a Prophetic word given by Steve Witt at Southside on 5th October 2007. In light of recent events, it makes so much more sense but we need to pray that the blessings associated with the word will come to fruition.

“I believe that God is about to send a major earthquake to Iceland, actually a volcano, it’s going to erupt, He spoke to me, and said it was going to be the 8th most powerful volcano in Iceland’s history. … It may not be for a while, but it will happen and it’s going to happen as a sign.

And when it comes there’s also going to be earthquakes that are going to hit Scotland – they may not be huge, but they’re going to be enough to put in the front page of the newspapers – “Scotland is shaken” and it’s going to be a sign to you as a nation, particularly the Christians that God is about to unearth something big.

That something that has been hidden and has been a mystery of prayers of saints for hundreds of years even over a thousand are going to begin to birth in this area, and could be a combination of the whole Hebrides thing, and Shetlands, and John Knox, and many, many prayers over the years are going to come forth at one time.

God is going to sweep this country, it’s going to be like a flash flood- it’s going to come quickly, it’s going to be fast and it will be over quickly but the evidence of it will live for many years – and it’s going to be up to the people that discern and understand what is happening what will happen in your area.

Here’s what the Lord is speaking for this area of Ayr, that God wants this area to be a place of refuge. That He’s going to raise up mighty works in this area, there’s already great works in this area, but I’m talking about mighty works.

Churches that are 100 will be lured into larger numbers, 4 and 500. Churches that are 2 or 300 will be tempted to become churches of 1000.

A lot of Scottish people they look around and go “well God’s not going to do anything big here, it just hasn’t happened that way before”

He is offering something major to those whose hearts have been expanded to contain it.

May you know the day of your visitation, may you be like sons of Issachar. They just didn’t discern the times, but they knew what to do. “

Scotlands Time Has Come!!   Leave a comment

 Hey, i came across this video by Jean Darnell. God is looking for people who will remain in faith for what Jean Darnell saw all those years ago!! It is time to surrender all to Jesus and allow him to raise up a people in Scotland who will burn with the fire of his love! Have a look and be inspired!!

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“I dream of a Nation burning”!   Leave a comment

In a meeting i was in last year i was impacted by the words of one of the preachers when  he said “I dream of a Nation Burning”! I also dream of a nation burning, my beloved Scotland!! John Knox once prayed “Give me Scotland or i die”! We too should pray such prayers and we too will see our nation on fire once again. Check out the fire over Scotland prophecy below because i believe this is the heart of God for our nation at this time.


Fire Over Scotland

I see a great fire, a pillar of fire over Scotland. Like a whirlwind it is forming. Over the heads of the youth this fire is burning. Over the heads of this generation. Burning, burning, burning this fire is. Like a forest fire it is burning. And from the tiny villages it can be seen. From the far away hills it can be seen. Old men stand and wonder, mothers leap for joy. The prodigal has come home and the fire leaps from girl and boy!

Governments are changing, leaders are being raised up. A righteous vanguard that will fight for truth and justice. Hid in their heart is a seed of revival. Hidden in their heart is an incorruptible seed. They will remember the ancient paths, they will remember the ancient covenants of generations past. They will be the repairer of the breach.

Yes! Fire is leaping from every boy and girl! A fire of awakening and reformation! Not one fought with sticks and swords, but one fought with righteousness and truth. I see a great revival in the university. In the places of study and learning. I see students of revival emerging from her halls dressed for battle and glory. Wielding weapons not made with mere hands.

I see their heads bowed in school classrooms. Praying to the Lord God Almighty. I see them in the playgrounds, I see them on the streets. Praying, interceding. A great revival of prayer is coming to Scotland! A great move of prayer sweeping up whole regions and cities. Young and old joining together in a great chain of prayer. The wall between generations is crumbling!

I see two old friends reunited. I see two old rivals standing together again. On one is written Scotland, on the other is written Ireland. They are embracing, they are lifting up the sword of righteousness together as one. Like Jonathan and David they are sharing armor and weapons. Fighting for the cause of Christ. Wrestling not with flesh and blood.

I see a great bridge of revival being built. Spanning seas and impacting nations. From Scotland to England, from England to Africa this great bridge is being built. From Scotland to Ireland, from Ireland to America, this great bridge is rising. Partnering with one another, joining forces to see Christ in His full stature. Families reunited, brothers together again. Children walking the soil of their forefathers and breaking curses of long ago. A time of great possessing is upon us. A time of great revival. For the children of Scotland a great light has dawned.

Chad Taylor

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