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Ian Clayton, Abi Campbell and Stephen Mckie – Ways of Royalty Gathering Scotland 4th & 5th August – Registration now open!   Leave a comment


Scotland Ablaze invites you to join us in The Ways of Royalty 2017 with Ian Clayton, Abi Campbell and Stephen McKie. Worship with Graham McNeill and friends.

Due to an increase in demand we have moved venues to accommodate more people.

This will be Ian’s 7th year with us here in Scotland and he is very excited about this year again. He is hearing from heaven already concerning our nation and this event. If you have never been to any of our conferences you will be so blessed as they are never just a conference, there has always been a life changing decree and administration for the nation take place and it has been such a privilege and honour to be a part of it. We are ready to embrace what heaven has for us as a nation and a species whatever it looks like.


Stephen McKie has gone from strength to strength this year sharing worldwide his easy to understand and follow teachings on the courts of heaven and much more. He is now a regular teacher on ‘The Nest’ on-line training school. We at Scotland Ablaze have a hunger to see the manifestation of the Sons of God to arise on the face of the earth and this event is to facilitate this happening in each persons life who attends.

There will be two days full of worship, teaching, activation, administration, laughter and sweet fellowship with one another. We are excited to share with you in the journey into the unknown where the known is revealed.
Please note that there are many places to stay in Ayr and we recommend you search ‘places to stay in Ayr, near Ayr Racecourse’

Registration & Session Times

Friday Registration – 8.30am – 9.30am

Friday  & Saturday Sessions

Session 1: 9.30am11am

Session 2: 11.30-1pm

Lunch: 1-3pm

Session 3: 3pm – 5pm

Session 4: 7pm – 10pm


How to Register

Simply click on the Eventbrite image below, then once you are on the Eventbrite page click on TICKETS then follow the simple instructions to buy your ticket.  Once you have done that and got an email from eventbrite remember to print out your confirmation email as this is your Ticket for the ways of Royalty gathering, so remember to BRING it with you for registration!  



Any registration questions contact Lorna at: 














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New Podcast: Beyond the Torn Veil – Stephen Mckie   Leave a comment

veil ripped in 2When Jesus died on the cross the Veil of the temple was torn in two. The way was opened for all to go beyond the veil into the Holy of Hollies. Stephen teaches on the reality of this truth and how we can now, by faith, boldly access the throne of God! To know and experience this reality will change your life!

This teaching was given in N Ireland at a conference hosted by Eric & Mary Hogg and the music at the end is by Julian Wiggins-Heaven Waits.  To listen just click on the link

Beyond the Torn Veil – Stephen Mckie.

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New free podcast – Ian Clayton – Beyond the Veil (Scotland 2013)   Leave a comment

In this podcast from the ‘Gods Government’ conference –
Scotland 2013, Ian teaches about the importance of living life from beyond the
veil! We the church, for too long, have been trying to impact the world from an
earthly position! However the truth is, we will only impact earth in a
significant way when we learn to rise up higher and go beyond the Veil. Beyond
the Veil is the high calling of this hour so listen and be challenged, can you
hear the call? click on the link and enjoy!!!

Ian Clayton - Beyond the Veil (Scotland 2013).

New podcast- The 7 Spirits of God & the manifestation of the Sons of God   Leave a comment

In this episode Stephen declares that we are about to move from a Pentecostal era to the era of tabernacles. Pentecost is known as a first fruits Feast. What we have experienced in the Pentecostal era, no matter how incredible, is simply the for-taste of what is to come. We have seen nothing yet! Pentecost was just the downpayment whereas tabernacles points to fullness. God in these days is about to clothe a company of radicals with the fullness of the 7 Spirits just like Jesus had. The bible says. ‘as He is so are we in the world’! Are we ready for the manifestation of the mature sons? let the new era begin!!!

click on the link below to listen

The 7 Spirits of God & the manifestation of the Sons of God.

Sounds from heaven!!   3 comments

These two guys decided to pursue God as much as they could praying and worshiping for hours and hours a day. Suddenly they began to hear heaven joining in with them. God has recently gave them permission to allow these sounds to be recorded!! Heaven is at hand folks!! New sounds are coming. It’s time to tap into these new sounds!!

This is just one guy with one guitar. all the sounds and voices you here (about 3minutes into the song) are heavenly and angelic. Have a listen to this!! Awsome!!

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