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There is Power in the Blood!!   1 comment

 I believe in these last days that not only will we receive a fresh revelation of the love of God but we are going to receive fresh revelation about the power of the blood of Christ. I remember as a child at the Penygroes convention (in South Wales) hearing 3000 people sing about the Blood. They sang, “It reaches the highest mountain, it flows to the lowest valley, the Blood that cleanses me from day to day it will never lose its power”! I can honestly say that as they sang that song i felt a power that i had never experienced before! I didn’t really understand it all but all i did know was that there was and is POWER in the BLOOD!!

A  revelation of the power of the Blood is about to hit the church. Check out this prophecy!!!


Posted April 14, 2010 by stephenmckie in Prophetic words, revival, scotland revival

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