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Ian Clayton Scotland – 4th & 5th August 2017   1 comment

Hi guys, we are so excited about this years gathering in AYR Scotland on 4th-5th August.  We wanted to let you know that there has been a slight change to the speaker schedule as Grant Mahoney cant make it to Scotland now.  However we will still have Ian Clayton and some of our very own home grown team including Stephen Mckie and Abi Campbell.

Ian has had amazing encounters about this gathering and believes that God wants to do something unique.  Abi also had a powerful dream where Ian shared some incredible things to her personally. So if you want to join us then please follow the instructions on scotland ablaze and register through eventbrite.  Come and join us for these unique few days and be part of something life changing and historical!!

Scotland Ablaze team



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Wildfire Glasgow July 1st – 7pm   Leave a comment

We dare to believe for a nation on fire! Who will dare to join us in this amazing heavenly pursuit? This is not the hour to step back in fear, this is the hour to step forward into the God given promises given to us through the prophets of old.

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Nancy Coen coming to Marine Hotel Troon, Scotland – 17th & 18th July – 7pm both nights   Leave a comment


It is with great privilege and delight that we can announce that Nancy Coen is coming to Troon Scotland for 2 meetings in July.  Often times we can talk about the future and what is to come but it is very rare that we can host someone who is genuinely walking in the supernatural realms and power of God that we long to see.  Nancy Coen is without doubt, hype or exaggeration  one of those people.  She is truly a remarkable person and a living example of what God has in store for those who desire to step into mature sonship.  Click on the video below to watch Nancy and if you can join us for these  2 amazing God ordained nights.


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Nancy Coen coming to Scotland- 17th & 18th July –   Leave a comment

Watch this space for a very exciting event coming on Monday and Tuesday Evening 17th & 18th of July.. God is dropping lots of suddenly’ s on us and we LOVE it!! We have the opportunity to have Nancy Coen with us for two evenings and would love it if your free on these evenings to come along and be absolutely blessed and encouraged in your journey on this unknown path where the ‘known’ is revealed.

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New Podcast: Re-dig the Ancient Wells: Andrew Mckie   Leave a comment


In the teaching Andrew Mckie shares from his wealth of experience about what clogs up the ancient wells and how to re-dig the wells so that refreshing, revival and reformation can flow! This teaching was given at the Gathering Place International Louisiana.

Click on the link below to Listen:

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WildFire Glasgow 27th May 6pm – Renfield St Stephen’s Centre   Leave a comment

We are really excited to announce another Wild Fire night in the heart of Glasgow at the Renfield St Stephens Centre in Bath street. We really believe God wants to send a fire that will set this nation ablaze like many prophetic words have promised . If your hungry to see our nation and nations on fire then why not join us as we press in for more. We will not be satisfied until we see the Glory of God move in such a way that we will be transformed and be radically changed to such an extent that we become the burning ones who turn a nation (and nations) upside down with the power of the gospel of the kingdom. We must have a fresh baptism of fire – for the hour demands it!




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Wildfire Glasgow tonight (18th March 2017)   Leave a comment

Hey guys just a quick note to say that if your coming to wildfire Glasgow tonight then you are very welcome to join us from 6pm as we will be in the venue worshiping and engaging with God.  Love you guys and excited to see you!


Stephen Mckie


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Coming to Seattle & Louisiana USA   Leave a comment





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Who is willing?   Leave a comment

Coming very soon. I believe God is going to move with such power in this nation that no past revival will compare. For those who are willing in the day of His power great authority will be placed upon their shoulders. Great Glory and a great purging fire is coming but the question is who will be part of this new day? Where are the radical ones who engage beyond the veil untill he or she is so changed by His holy fire that they will become the burning ones that transform cities and nations?


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O for That Flame of Living Fire   2 comments

O for That Flame of Living Fire

(William H. Bathurst)


O for that flame of living fire

Which shone so bright in saints of old;

Which bade their souls to heaven aspire,

Calm in distress, in danger bold!


Where is that spirit, Lord, which dwelt

In Abram’s breast, and sealed Him Thine?

Which made Paul’s heart with sorrow melt,

And glow with energy divine?


That spirit which from age to age

Proclaimed Thy love, and taught Thy ways?

Brightened Isaiah’s vivid page,

And breathed in David’s hallowed lays?


Is not Thy grace as mighty now

As when Elijah felt its power?

When glory beamed from Moses’ brow,

Or Job endured the trying hour?


Remember, Lord, the ancient days;

Renew Thy work, Thy grace restore;

And while to Thee our hearts we raise,

On us Thy Holy Spirit pour.



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