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Hey guys, I just want to share a recent prophetic word by Chuck Pierce and a vision given to Bob Jones.  I really feel that something is stirring in the spirit and that God is about to release His fire.  We must be willing in the day of HIS POWER!

Prophetic Word by Chuck Pierce

“I am building a fire around you. Let My fire penetrate infirmity, poverty, and confusion! Open your eyes and see the fire-bringers! Once you have ascended into heaven, My angelic messengers are following you bringing fire, so join Me in building a fire around about you. I am bringing candles and lampstands. I am building a fire around you that will quench the enemy’s voice. The fire that I am sending has a cadence about it. This fire will march on your behalf! My fire will pave the way and clear the briers of your past. This will now enable you to enter into your destiny in a way you couldn’t even see in other seasons.”

Another Word about fire was given by Bob Jones and i believe we have to step into the fulfilment of this:

Second Birthing (Bob Jones)

“Bob was handed a huge white egg, and as it was placed in his hand it began to hatch open. As he drew closer to examine the egg, he saw that it had fire inside and it was like a birthing of fire.

This egg represents a new birthing and new life because it represents the second birthing of the baptism of fire. This baptism will be far greater than Pentecost and more powerful than Azusa Street of recent times. I believe we’re all getting ready to be birthed a second time in fire. This was the timing, and we will see the fire of God this year (see Hebrews 6:5).

John answered, saying to all, “I indeed baptize you with water; but One mightier than I is coming, whose sandal strap I am not worthy to loose. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire. Luke 3:16

It’s the same kind of fire as the burning bush that was not consumed. I believe that now is a time of commissioning like when Moses received his instructions. When this egg opens, the wisdom that will be given is that of the Father’s will, because it will reveal the Father’s heart to us. Then our only testing will be obedience to that which the Father puts in our conscience.

This baptism of fire means that plagues and viruses cannot cling to it. No demonic control can survive around it, and the enemy cannot trouble you. The baptism of fire will bring in holiness, and holiness is one of the main words this year. God is a holy God, and when we are consumed by this baptism of fire, anything unholy that comes into our presence will not be able to stand. The power of this consuming fire will cause demons to flee and sickness, disease, infirmities, and plagues to die instantly. There will be no question that the power of God is resident in His people.”

Wow, and who can forget the amazing vision given to Jean Darnell years ago saying that God was going to set Scotland ablaze with such a move of God that it would impact the whole of Europe.  Guys this is the season to press in until we see the fulfilment  of all that God has spoken through various prophets and through His own word.  Why not gather with us on the 18th of March in Glasgow as we engage with God until he moves in our land like a wild fire.  I will leave you with a wee thing i wrote (stephen Mckie)  a few years back :

Apostles of the dust, walking in humility but carry great authority! Can you hear their footsteps? Its the great army of hidden ones! Those who have been shaped in adversity and trained in obscurity! The rejected ones are coming forth with fire in their hearts and fire in their eyes! The earth trembles and satan cowers at the revealing of the sons of God, marching in great love and in great awe! This is the Lords army!!









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