Wildfire Gathering in Glasgow, Saturday 18th March at 7pm   2 comments


Hey guys, as some of you might know we were going to have 3 nights in March for wildfire meetings but because the dates were a bit soon we couldn’t get the venue we wanted. However we could get the venue for 1 night so we are still pressing in for the Fire on Saturday the 18th and hopefully we will have Justin Abraham with us later in the year.

We are coming to Glasgow even if its a small event because God has been speaking loud and clear that He wants to kindle a fire in Glasgow.  We believe that this is the season of walking into the fulfilment of all the promises that God has given us individually and for the nation and that includes seeing the fulfilment of God moving in Scotland like a wildfire.

Many years ago God spoke to Stephen Mckie and said, ‘1 million people’, and Stephen instantly knew that God was going to save 1 million people in Scotland.  So why not come and be part of a group of hungry people who are stepping out in faith to see God move in our land like never before.  It really is time to take God at His word and step into the reality of the things that the saints for many years have believed for!!   Below is also a prophetic word by Chuck Pierce that is very relevant to this venture: God doesn’t need many people to save a nation He just needs a few who believe!!!!

Prophetic Word by Chuck Pierce

“I am building a fire around you. Let My fire penetrate infirmity, poverty, and confusion! Open your eyes and see the fire-bringers! Once you have ascended into heaven, My angelic messengers are following you bringing fire, so join Me in building a fire around about you. I am bringing candles and lampstands. I am building a fire around you that will quench the enemy’s voice. The fire that I am sending has a cadence about it. This fire will march on your behalf! My fire will pave the way and clear the briers of your past. This will now enable you to enter into your destiny in a way you couldn’t even see in other seasons.”



Posted March 1, 2017 by stephenmckie in revival

2 responses to “Wildfire Gathering in Glasgow, Saturday 18th March at 7pm

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  1. Hi…hoping to drive up from Wrexham tomorrow,Sat,18/3 for the Wildfire gathering…..do we have to register…….any cost……? Thank you,Sue Rich

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