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You know its never to late to live the dream  its never to late to step into who you are born to be.  We  have all heard preachers say that God has a plan for you, God has a destiny for you and that He will bring it to pass.  But sometimes, as we know, life happens, pain happens, hurts are inflicted, rejection inevitably comes and the time passes slowly past.  It is so easy at this point to stop believing, maybe not fully at first but step by step, little by little. Whether we realise it or not we settle for second best, we close our hearts and build our walls.

But can i encourage you to keep believing? To keep dreaming for the best? Im not saying its easy and I’m not saying its without pain or courage but may i say it is possible?  My dad (Andrew Mckie) is a dreamer, a man of faith.  He is now 77 years old but he has been knocked down many times.  Ive seen him rejected by some, hurt by some, knocked down by illness and having his calling rejected by man.  He has always been called to preach yet had years in the wilderness with no-one to preach too.  But yet He remained in faith.  He remained in song, singing everywhere He went, singing the songs of old believing God for the best no matter how long it took.  What faith, What Hope, what Love He has for God.

So what has happened then, well would you believe it, my dad is now living the dream, he is walking into his destiny, he is being lifted into his promised land all because God is good and my dad kept believing in faith no matter what the circumstances.  He had never been on a plane, had never been out of the UK and never owned a passport! He is now in the USA preaching and releasing the old apostolic flame that was ignited in his heart many years ago.  So don’t give up my friend, no matter what you are going through, keep believing, keep hoping, keep daring to believe that you can fulfil the best plan God has for you.  It is possible.  The new thing that is coming isn’t just for the young its for the young and the old!!!




Posted March 17, 2016 by stephenmckie in revival

6 responses to “Keep Dreaming

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  1. Thank you Stephen, for understanding that God is faithful in all things,if God be true let every man is a liar, I happen to believe God

  2. This is so good to hear. I’m in my mid 50’s and not yet got into my full destiny. I know the promises God has given to me and hold them close to my heart. I will see them come to pass …just don’t know when, where or how exactly!

  3. This spoke to my heart. God has so much ahead for us but sometimes we lose faith and forget as we face daily trials. This reminds me to look ahead and fix our eyes on Christ.

  4. Wow!! Beautiful testimony!!! So encouraging and full of hope!
    We have in our 50’s, moved across the USA to plant a church in Oklahoma!! Believing for a mighty outpouring of the Spirit as we advance God’s Kingdom!
    Blessings to you Stephen!

    • That’s amazing. Woweee. Well we hear a lot of talk about the Joshua Generation, and rightly so, but what many don’t realize is that Joshua was probably in his 80’s when he entered the promised land.

  5. This is truly a needed
    word from God. The right time, the right place. Thank you Stephen.

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