The unicorn (Scotland) has already been released from her chains   Leave a comment

Scotland has just experienced the most incredible few weeks culminating  in the independence referendum! Many people were delighted at the vote to stay part of the United Kingdom yet others were deeply disappointed! Many of the yes unicorn-dimensions-unicorns-17788267-1024-768campaign, among my fellow christian friends, feel that Scotland, represented by the unicorn, is somehow still in chains and that we need to keep fighting politically until we are free! This simply isn’t the case.  Over a year ago a scroll for Scotland was released from heaven  in a gathering we held in Troon Scotland.  In this meeting the unicorn was powerfully released from her chains as we experienced one of the most powerful intercession times any of us had ever experienced! Many wept and cried as Scotland was released into a new era.  So in these days we must tune in to what heaven is saying because if we don’t we will be caught up with the spirit of the world and we will think we need to fight battles that God hasn’t called us to fight and we will miss what heaven is saying and doing! Please listen with an open heart and hear what God has already done in our nation! click on the link to listen

Scotlands Destiny Scroll (Ian Clayton 2014).


Posted September 23, 2014 by stephenmckie in revival

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