Gods Marriage Contract with You – Ian Clayton   2 comments

In this podcast Ian Clayton teaches on the importance of having our

very own Marriage contract with the Lord.  Just as God entered into a marriage contract with the Jewish people so He desires to enter into this relational connection with us today.  We are His treasured possession and Gods ultimate desire is to have a body of people who walk in the ultimate expression of love – Marriage with the Lord Himself! We may know Gods side of the contract (covenant) but He is waiting on us to write down and present to Him what our side of the covenant will be and also what we desire from Him! Only when this happens can we walk in the fullness of the covenantal blessing that the Lord wants to release to those He dearly loves.  Click on the link below and enjoy!

Gods Marriage Contract with You – Ian Clayton.


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2 responses to “Gods Marriage Contract with You – Ian Clayton

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  1. This one taught me so much. I enjoyed the details he gave and would like to learn more about this. I’m looking forward to Ian Clayton ‘s conference here in Starkville, MS. He will be with us in a couple of weeks.

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    A must listen

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